The #1 Survival Guide for Managing & Leading Work From Home Teams, Right Now!

A proven online course to help you successfully steer your team in today’s turbulent times.

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We’re juggling new responsibilities, fears, and unforeseen problems.

When we entered 2020, no one could have predicted that the world, our lives, and our work would look as they do now.

More than ever, leaders and managers need to be predictable in an unpredictable time.

They need support, tools, and tactics to keep their teams aligned as they navigate the daily unknown.

The landscape changes every day.

You need proven techniques…and you need them NOW. YESTERDAY, REALLY. 

Tools to guide your team through this critical time and beyond.

Which is exactly why we built The Work From Home Manager’s Survival Guide, your guide to leading and managing when everyone is worried, working from home & struggling to focus.

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This hyper-effective short course is packed with tools and techniques to help you:

  • Navigate and reduce overwhelm
  • Improve communication and collaboration with your newly remote teams
  • Show up consistently and make better people decisions now and in the future
  • Create team cohesion, even in uncertainty and wave of heightened emotions
  • Effectively delegate and supervise work now that your team is working from home
  • Build team loyalty, support, and productivity during stressful times
  • Run effective virtual meetings
  • Develop confidence, avoid tunnel vision, and get the support YOU need as a leader

No filler, no fluff. Just 15 key lessons you need right now, plus a supportive online community.

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Practical Tactics &
 Tools That Work

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Hi we’re P.J. & Andrew from Threshold Learning.

And we’ve got a question for you…

What if we told you that how YOU show up as a manager or a leader right now is more critical than ever?

Critical to your team, and critical to the future.

What your team and employees want right now is honesty, clarity, and high levels of communication.

Which can feel challenging, especially if you’re barely keeping your head above water, and riding the wave of ongoing change.

Truth? This is new to all of us.

But if you’re managing a team remotely right now, there's a good chance this could be your new reality and...

Most leaders don’t know where to start.

Leading teams from home isn’t new, but if it's new to you, support is critical.

And you’ll want to learn from those who have gone before you, like us. With over 25 years experience, you can be sure we’ve taken the proven tactics, practical insights that work to help you gain traction right away.

It’s time.
Get the support you need and start thriving vs surviving.

~P.J. & Andrew

P.S. Let’s take another look at everything you get when you join WFH Manager's Survival Guide 

15 powerful, bite-sized lessons set you up for quick wins and long-term success.

You’ll gain access to training on communication, trust & alignment, people & emotions, team cohesion, delivering on expectations, remote meetings, technology as a tool, and much, much more.


Your people are your most important resource, especially in times like this. You’ll be supported by 5 modules such as: Emotions Before Tasks, How to Avoid Micromanaging, Are They Working or Watching Netflix and MORE!

Communication, Alignment & Expectations

Gone are the days of stopping by someone’s desk to causally ask a question or gain clarity. To ensure your communication is on point, you’ll be supported by 7 modules that help you: Lay the Ground Rules, Understand Communication Styles, Get the Answers You Need, and More! 


Technology makes it all possible, and while we can all log into Zoom, technology only helps if your team understands what’s expected and how to maximize communication in an online world.  We’ve packed the most critical tips and tools into 3 supportive modules.

Manage Your Team with Honesty, Clarity and High Level of Communication

Save $200 Join for $97 Now
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P.J. VanAuken

P.J. brings 25 plus years of leadership development experience. From in-the-trenches direct customer experience to executive leadership roles, P.J. brings an integrated view to her training and coaching.

Andrew Zeitoun 

Andrew has spent the last 25 years straddling the technology and management divide. Whether it is authoring or delivering technical and leadership courses, Andrew’s passion is for helping people solve their own problems.