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"Building Tomorrow's Leaders" isn't a catchy slogan or tagline. 

To us, it's our mission. Whether it's online, in person, or though our published leadership books, Threshold Learning is dedicated to developing ALL of tomorrow's leaders.

Leadership is a mindset, a set of behaviors and values and it can all be learned if you're willing to do the work.



Your Transformation Starts Here

Leadership Unlocked

Great leaders never stop developing their leadership skills and new leaders often don't get the support and mentoring they need to make the transition successfully.

Leadership Unlocked is where every new leader needs to start their journey. Each of the 8 modules takes you through foundational topics designed to unlock your leadership potential and set you up for success!


From Technical to Exceptional

The mistake most technical experts make is that they work harder on developing their technical expertise instead of their leadership capabilities. This limits their ability to get their technical expertise used every day.


The Successful Work From Home Manager

A few months ago the world massively changed. We, as managers and leaders, have had to learn to adapt to a changes in the workplace. We are working "on location", ie. in our homes and communicating with our teams over a video call instead of in person. Business as usual just got complicated.

Get the skills you need to not just survive, but to thrive and stay ahead.


Meet Your Instructors

P.J. VanAuken

P.J. brings 25 plus years of leadership development experience. From in-the-trenches direct customer experience to executive leadership roles, P.J. brings an integrated view to her training and coaching.

Andrew Zeitoun

Andrew has spent the last 25 years straddling the technology and management divide. Whether it is authoring or delivering technical and leadership courses, Andrew’s passion is for helping people solve their own problems.

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