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Maybe you've come to the realization that management isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Back to back meetings?

No time to get your own work done?

Competing deadlines, lack of resources and simply struggling to keep your head above water?

When is all that supposed to happen? 

Managers rarely get the support, mentoring, or coaching they need to become successful leaders.

It’s critical, now more than ever, you get the training and development you need to lead your team to success.

When we entered 2020, no one could have predicted that the world, our lives, and our work would look as they do now.

More than ever, leaders and managers need to be predictable in an unpredictable time.

You need a path... the support, tools, and tactics to navigate the rocky terrain all new leaders face.

Welcome to leadership done differently:
Where people come first, and real outcomes are achieved

Leadership Unlocked is your guide to become an effective leader. This proven system of training has helped develop successful managers around the world.

It’s not just learning how to lead... more important is how you put it into practice in a way that encourages you to grow and do more every day.

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Leadership Unlocked is a hyper-effective course packed with tools and techniques to help you:

  • Navigate any challenge while reducing stress and overwhelm
  • Increase understanding by managing your communication style
  • Show up consistently and make better people decisions now and in the future
  • Create team cohesion, even in time of stress or heightened emotions
  • Effectively integrate and act on the 10 principles of leadership
  • Build team loyalty, support, and productivity during stressful times
  • Banish imposter syndrome - develop a leadership style that is comfortable and authentically you
  • Gain confidence, be heard and get the support you need as a leader

No filler, no fluff.

Just the most practical and key lessons you need right now, plus a supportive online community.

Course Overview

Proven Leadership

We've packed over 50 years of combined real leadership training and experience into these teachings so you can accelerate your growth and avoid the messy trial and error.

Practical Tactics &
 Tools That Work

This robust course has you covered with tools and techniques you can implement right away. Couple that with our supportive workbooks and guides you're on your way to success.

Supportive Private

In our Pro and VIP courses you'll gain access to a exclusive vibrant community of managers just like you with live weekly Q&A calls to answer your questions and provide coaching.

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Hi we’re P.J. & Andrew from Threshold Learning.

And we’ve got a question for you…

What if we told you that how YOU show up as a manager or a leader right now is more critical than ever?

Critical to your team, and critical to the future.

What your team and employees want right now is an authentic, trustworthy leader who brings clarity, confidence, and high levels of communication to the table.  

Someone who, even in challenging times, is the leader people want to follow.

This can be challenging when you’re barely keeping your head above water, constantly managing rework and trying to effectively meet never-ending deadlines.

Truth? It doesn't have to be this way.

Leadership can be learned and it doesn't have to be all fluff and jargon.

Most leaders just don’t know where to start but getting support is critical.

And you’ll want to learn from those who have gone before you, like us. With over 50 years of combined experience, you can be sure we’ve taken the proven tactics, practical insights that work to help you gain traction right away.

It’s time.
Get the support you need and start thriving vs surviving.

~P.J. & Andrew

P.S. Let’s take another look at everything you get when you join Leadership Unlocked. 

Powerful lessons that set you up for quick wins and long-term success.

You’ll gain access to training to discover your leadership style, increase communication, trust & alignment, understand people & emotions, build team cohesion, deliver on expectations and get results.

Leadership Principles

The 10 foundational principles to guide you in everything you will ever do as a leader in your current position and beyond.

You'll learn:

  • To never be caught off guard in a new situation.
  • What to focus on and where to spend your time and effort to develop the team you need to accomplish your goals.
  • What is needed and know what the right thing to do is in any situation.
  • And more

Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Power & Influence

These 3 modules are all about what you say, how you say it and who you say it to.

You'll learn:

  • To finally understand why some people don't hear what you say or understand what you mean
  • To get the positive results you need with people who are engaged and motivated to perform
  • Lead the team that people want to be on
  • And more.

Advocacy & Management Applied

You'll learn:

  • To take the stress out of performance reviews, meetings and 1:1 conversations
  • To set yourself up for your next promotion or position
  • To build a new generation of leaders without worrying about your own position
  • And more!

Join Leadership Unlocked Today and Lead with Authenticity & Effectiveness

When you enroll in this course you'll get:

  • Access to 7 robust modules of premium leadership training.
  • Support materials, workbooks, handouts, etc to help you integrate and implement the leadership concepts.
  • A like-minded online community filled with peers and other leaders.
  • Lifetime access including any future content updates. 
  • Leadership lessons taught by two world-class instructors with over 25 years experience.
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Proven material, new platform. Full material, lifetime access (including updates and new materials) to course material and the 7 workbooks to unlock your leadership potential, self-study. Option to upgrade if more support or guidance is needed.

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same as self study but with access to exclusive community for duration of course, access to exclusive alumni group once course duration ends. Weekly live Q&A session in the online community. *Bonus - access to Work From Home Manager's Survival Guide course and workbook

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VIP + Coaching

All of the benefits of the accelerator. Limited to 10 VIPs. 1:1 start-up call with P.J. and Andrew, 1 hour weekly VIP coaching session for course duration. End-of-course 1:1 strategy call. 1 additional 1:1 coaching call 30 days after the end of the course. 4 months of VIP support

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P.J. VanAuken

P.J. brings 25 plus years of leadership development experience. From in-the-trenches direct customer experience to executive leadership roles, P.J. brings an integrated view to her training and coaching.

Andrew Zeitoun 

Andrew has spent the last 25 years straddling the technology and management divide. Whether it is authoring or delivering technical and leadership courses, Andrew’s passion is for helping people solve their own problems.