Advance Beyond IT


Tired of having the answer but realize nobody's listening?


Tired of being "just" IT when you have more to offer?


Are you ready to be your organization's trusted advisor?



Get Noticed!

Develop your credibility or it won't matter how much you know. You won't get the chance to show them how good you are!

Transform yourself and gain the credibility you need to succeed.

Be Heard!

Get your voice heard within your organization. Help steer your project and your organization to success.

Transform your communications and increase your influence and reach.

Deliver Success!

If you can't deliver success, then nothing else matters. 90% of your technology project failures aren't technology related!

Learn how to avoid those hidden problems in order to be successful.

Get Promoted!

Once you've transformed yourself you'll be ready to take on new roles, new projects or new responsibilities.

New opportunities are waiting for you!

Transform Yourself and Experience Success

Be heard. Make a bigger impact. Get the recognition and promotion that you rightfully deserve.

This advanced course will guide you through the Six Transformations you need to improve your credibility and increase your influence in your organization. You'll learn how to effectively solve business problems and add real business value. 

To transform yourself from Technical to Exceptional you'll master the Six Transformations:

  1. Developing the tools to establish your own baseline and focus on what you need most first
  2. Shifting your focus to bringing real value to your organization
  3. Transforming yourself and how others see you. Going from technical resource to Strategic Partner
  4. Becoming your stakeholder's trusted advisor
  5. Managing the inevitable problems, stress and interactions as your projects and goals change
  6. Delivering successful projects while preserving your sanity

Get Started Now and Experience Success

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"It's not they weren't listening... it's that I wasn't saying what they needed to hear. My answers weren't helping my stakeholders achieve business success. Once I learned that, everything changed!"

Kevin H.
Senior Systems Administrator

"Great insights on leadership and the impact to the business concept reiterated throughout. One of the best insights: If the technical work doesn't have an impact on the business [...] It becomes an expensive way to maintain the status quo. Project Management and Leadership brought together"

Carolyn B.
Business Analyst

"The most difficult part is to help them understand that training for management isn’t just technical – it requires a whole shift in mind set and mastering important new vocabulary and soft skills. Andrew does a wonderful job of distilling the “soft” preparation into a key areas such as the need to have a more business-focused mindset and to assume the role of trusted advisor."

Ray F
Project and Program Manager

"Very useful for technical professionals who would like to transition into management roles. It goes through specific transformations that one must go through to become a respected leader. The contrasting roles between technical and managerial roles will open your eyes on what you could be missing or doing wrong ... blindness that can be causing you that elusive promotion, performance bonus or salary increase."

John E.
Author, Trainer, Project Management Guru

"Andrew’s teaching style is totally grounded in reality. Andrew doesn’t sugar-coat it. He wants you to get that promotion, so he explains it how it is."

Elizabeth Harrin
Author, Influencer, Project Manager, Girl's Guide to Project Management

Become the Leader Your Organization Turns To

Break out of the IT mold to achieve success



About the Instructors

Andrew Zeitoun has spent the last 20 years straddling the technology and management divide. He has filled many roles including System Administration, IT Operations Management, Course Author and Instructor.

Andrew didn’t start out as a trusted advisor. Early in his career, he was pigeonholed as a technologist or a “computer geek” despite being active in leadership training and development. He combined his technical and business knowledge and to develop the training and transformation tools to help technologists around the world develop their leadership potential while delivering on mission-critical projects.

Andrew’s passion is for helping people identify and solve their own problems. After joining forces with his non-technically minded but leadership focussed business partner, Threshold Learning Online was launched to work with people from all areas and disciplines. The goal is simple: To provide everyone the skills and resources they need in order to become the best leader they can be.


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